Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun. Flowy. Floral.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend! Saturday I worked until 3:30 p.m. then I rushed home and had only 15 minutes to shower, change, and do my hair because I had to leave to go to a church Thanksgiving event. Thankfully I already had an outfit planned so I just blew dry my hair, put it in a tight bun and did my makeup in the car. Whew. I took out the bun and I had beach-y waves which eventually turned into looser wavy hair as the night went on. I ate so much food at the event and I told myself, this is only the beginning of the "stuffing my face" festivities. 

The first picture is of me and my cousin who is dressed up in traditional Hmong clothing. I was going to wear my Hmong clothes but had no time to put it on because it takes about 230948230 hours to put it on. Everything is hand stitched and embroidered to make each piece unique. My dress only cost me $20 and I was totally rockin' out on my $5 shoes. I am in such adoration with this dress. It's so comfortable and feminine. I'm so excited for this Thanksgiving vacation to come. It's going to be filled with lots of family, food, shopping, and dodge ball. Bring it.

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