Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Under the Weather

I finally have a moment away from homework to post up a look. I wore this just yesterday to school. Dressy much? I know. I have a theory though; when you're feeling under the weather and the actual weather itself is not inspiring and motivating, DRESS.TO.IMPRESS. It cures everything.

 I also must boast about my shoes. The other week I was at school and I realized that an art show was happening that night. I literally had nothing appropriate packed with me. All I had were the jeans and top I had with me. So I ran to the mall looking as hard as I could for something fitting for the show....and cheap. Found an amazing dress that I've been eyeing that was $30, got it for $20. The shoes above, got them for a steal of $5. Thats right, $5. And can I just say that I was so proud of myself. I'll post up the dress in a future post. 

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