Friday, November 18, 2011

City of Brotherly Love

Happy Friday! Went shopping on Walnut and Chestnut Street in Philadelphia the other week. Bought a couple things from Urban Outfitters and Zara. I just gotta say that I love Philly. I saw the Liberty Bell for the first time last year and it was just amazing to see such an important piece of history. The art museum is a great place to visit also. Plus... you get to run up the steps where Rocky Balboa ran up.  And you can't forget about the infamous rivalry of Pat's and Geno's cheesesteaks. I have to confess that I have yet to try both of them. Another great place to visit is the Reading Terminal. It's a building full of different foods such as Middle Eastern, Greek, Fresh Amish grown produce, jams, candy, pastries...and seriously so much more. My recommendation if you go to the Reading Terminal is "Dinic's Pulled Pork Sandwich." This place was featured on Travel Channels "Man vs. Food" and when I had it, it was purely heavenly. I still have lots of other places to explore in this beautiful city. 

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