Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sorry for the no picture post. I'm currently at school right now and just need to get my thoughts out. These first two weeks of school have been already stressful. I'm taking Painting, Figure Drawing (nude models), Art History, and Pattern Making II. I can already feel the workload piling on top of me. It's just project after project and these projects take at least 4 hours to complete. For Art History, it's a textbook type of class and I haven't been in this type of "textbook vibe" in over a year now so have to start getting used to it. I have my first Art History class in about an hour and 45 minutes and I'm kind of getting nervous. Hopefully class goes well and the people and professor are pleasant. I can tell that my wardrobe is slowing going to turn into dark skinny jeans and some sort of top with flats because I won't even have time to pick out something so called "interesting."

Bring it Spring semester.

End Rant.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Menswear Inspired

Hello Loves. The pic above was taken about a year ago. My hair used to be an angled bob. It was fun to have but I missed my long hair too much so I decided to grow it back out. Tomorrow is my last day of relaxation before the semester starts again on Tuesday. I'm gonna soak up the joy of doing nothing and the feeling of having no work to do. I know for a fact that this semester is going to be tough full of projects and papers so the blogging will have to come to a minimum in the next couple months to come. 

Be Blessed. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Glam

Dress: H&M    Shoes: Charlotte Russe   Headband: H&M    Necklaces: Charlotte Russe    Lips: CoverGirl *  in Euphoria

My brother, My best friend. 

Happy New Year's my beautiful people! I hope you all had a memorable night ringing in the year 2012. My family celebrated by having a Red Carpet themed party which was full of glitz and glam and FOOD. I decided to go all out for this night and went for a 1920's flapper inspired look that included my 5 dolla shoes and 10 dolla dress and 3 dolla headband. I also went all out on my makeup. I usually don't wear heavy makeup, but that night was an exception. I rocked a dark brown and gold smokey eye with thick faux lashes, double winged liner, bronzer for the cheeks, and topped it off with berry lips. 

2011 was a memorable year for me; I took a big step and left the university setting for fashion school, started this blog, Love found me, I traveled to many cities with my beautiful friends, met new people and so much more that inspired me to become a better person. I am very hopeful that 2012 will bring me many blessings and new people into my life. I wish you all a great year to come.

Be Blessed.