Friday, March 16, 2012

A Monochrome Spring

The weather has been so cooperative this whole week so I took advantage of it everyday. I wore this to a fancy shmancy dinner with the familia. Believe me,  I had food coma afterwards. 

Top: PacSun
Skirt: H&M
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Sunglasses: Wetseal

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Frock and Roll: Fashion that Rocks

Hello all! I have been extremely busy with school these days therefore the posts have been lacking. So many projects one after another and on top of that, I have been blessed with the role of a backstage manager, along with my very good friend Geovanny, for a student fashion show held at my school. We're basically in charge of hair, makeup, picking out the music, and getting all the models dressed and ready the day of the show. Geovanny is also designing a garment and he chose me to be his model which I am extremely ecstatic about. 

This show is going to be huge. Not only is it a student fashion show, it's going to also be a cocktail party and a meet and greet with designers from "Project Runway" season 7. Why season 7? Because my professor Pamela Ptak was on that season. She. is. brilliant. I am so excited to meet all the designers such as Jay Nicolas Sario, Stella Zotis, Ben Pappadeas Chumura, and Kristin Haskin Simms. Can you say, NETWORKING??  

Also, this Monday (13th) my school is holding an opening reception for an exhibit of BEAUTIFUL garments in our gallery from top designers such as, 

Joseph Balestra, Ben Pappadeas Chmura, Comme des Garcons - Junya

 Wantanabe, Rafael Cox, Ann Demeulemeester, Marla Duran, Brianna Fano,

Jean Paul Gaultier, Gina Going, Gucci, Scott Hanna, Kristin Haskins Simms,

 Annie Haslam, Mila Hermanovski, Yoshiki Hishinuma, Betsey Johnson,            

Annina King, Alexander McQueen, Moschino, Hannah Nour, Pamela Ptak,

 Jay Nicolas Sario, Camilla Skovgaard London, Vivienne Westwood, Ping Wu, 

Glen Yank, Yves Saint Laurent, and Stella Zotis.

Some of these designers might even be there! And can I say that I helped set 

up this exhibit and it is so chic and has so much edge and attitude. Another 

cool fact, the "Project Runway" blog blogged about this!!! Click here to view! 

Check it out! I hope you can attend this event if you are in the area! More info 


"Frock and Roll: Fashion That Rocks" Exhibition: 

Where: Baum School of Art

510 Linden St. PO Box 653

Allentown, PA 18105

When: Feb. 13th. 2012

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Cost: Free

Come and look at the gallery of beautiful garments designed by top designers!

Frock and Roll: Fashion That Rocks Student Fashion Show and Meet and Greet

Where: Baum School of Art (Address same as above)
When: Feb 25th. 2012
Time: 7pm-10pm. 
Cost: $75 per person
Cocktail Party starts at 7 and the show starts at 8:15. Come and witness the fresh talents of student designers and meet designers from Project Runway!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sorry for the no picture post. I'm currently at school right now and just need to get my thoughts out. These first two weeks of school have been already stressful. I'm taking Painting, Figure Drawing (nude models), Art History, and Pattern Making II. I can already feel the workload piling on top of me. It's just project after project and these projects take at least 4 hours to complete. For Art History, it's a textbook type of class and I haven't been in this type of "textbook vibe" in over a year now so have to start getting used to it. I have my first Art History class in about an hour and 45 minutes and I'm kind of getting nervous. Hopefully class goes well and the people and professor are pleasant. I can tell that my wardrobe is slowing going to turn into dark skinny jeans and some sort of top with flats because I won't even have time to pick out something so called "interesting."

Bring it Spring semester.

End Rant.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Menswear Inspired

Hello Loves. The pic above was taken about a year ago. My hair used to be an angled bob. It was fun to have but I missed my long hair too much so I decided to grow it back out. Tomorrow is my last day of relaxation before the semester starts again on Tuesday. I'm gonna soak up the joy of doing nothing and the feeling of having no work to do. I know for a fact that this semester is going to be tough full of projects and papers so the blogging will have to come to a minimum in the next couple months to come. 

Be Blessed. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Glam

Dress: H&M    Shoes: Charlotte Russe   Headband: H&M    Necklaces: Charlotte Russe    Lips: CoverGirl *  in Euphoria

My brother, My best friend. 

Happy New Year's my beautiful people! I hope you all had a memorable night ringing in the year 2012. My family celebrated by having a Red Carpet themed party which was full of glitz and glam and FOOD. I decided to go all out for this night and went for a 1920's flapper inspired look that included my 5 dolla shoes and 10 dolla dress and 3 dolla headband. I also went all out on my makeup. I usually don't wear heavy makeup, but that night was an exception. I rocked a dark brown and gold smokey eye with thick faux lashes, double winged liner, bronzer for the cheeks, and topped it off with berry lips. 

2011 was a memorable year for me; I took a big step and left the university setting for fashion school, started this blog, Love found me, I traveled to many cities with my beautiful friends, met new people and so much more that inspired me to become a better person. I am very hopeful that 2012 will bring me many blessings and new people into my life. I wish you all a great year to come.

Be Blessed. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The City that Never Sleeps. (Heavy Picture Post. Enjoy!)

Trying to connect to the Wi-Fi in Times Square, but was unsuccessful.

Made mother take this picture because of the guy in the grey pants. He. Was. Beautiful. 

Hello All! This past weekend I ventured to NYC with my crazy loving family and had a fun filled time. Went to the tourist-y spots such as Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Chinatown, and Little Italy. I also went to Ground Zero for the first time. We didn't get to see the memorial but just being there where everything happened that day was so moving. We ate lunch in Chinatown and stopped at this little park there where a bunch of older Asian men and women were playing chess/checkers. Those games were intense. Then walked to Little Italy to get the famous pizza from Lombardi's. DELISH. I swear I thought I saw Bruno Mars in a car driving by, but then I checked his twitter account and it said that he was in Hawaii. Fail.

As the night went on, the weather turned from a nice brisk breeze to freezing. I felt like I had no body heat, but the beat of the city kept me going. I know my headband does not match my outfit whatsoever, but I really did not care at all because it kept my head and ears warm. I was so glad to go back to the hotel that night and sit in the comfy warm bed eating a late dinner while watching Elf. 

The next day we went to a Japanese market called Matsuwa Market in New Jersey along the Hudson and I just gotta say, this place is pretty amazing. Not only was it a Japanese grocery store; there was a food court with legit Japanese food. They also had DIVINE green tea ice cream which I'm in the mood for right now. The whole place was super clean and the people were so nice. If you live in New Jersey, def. check this place out. In one of the pics above you can see that I purchased two face masks, one ginseng and one red wine, a Shseido shampoo and conditioner, and a soymilk based face lotion. The description on the back says its a lotion but has the ingredients and consistency of a toner so  I'm assuming it's a toner. I'm still in the process of trying out these products so I'll post a later post on how they are. 

So other than the bitter cold, crazy NY drivers honking at you, taking the wrong subway which took us to Brooklyn, getting lost going to the Matsuwa Market but ending up at the BEAUTIFUL Hudson River/NYC skyline overlook (first pictures), I had a pretty swell time with my family. 

Be Blessed.  

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Be-lated Thanksgiving


Hello! This is a late Thanksgiving post. I hope everyone had a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving. Here are some shots I randomly grabbed from my Thanksgiving weekend. It was full of family, love, food, visits downtown, dodge ball, and lots of laughter.