Thursday, October 6, 2011

Looking Forward

So school is about a month in and I have been so busy with project after project. I'm taking a total of 4 art classes; Fashion Draping, Drawing, 3-D Design, and Graphic Design. I don't know how all my professors manage to make all projects due at the same time, but I've actually been managing my time pretty well. 

Also, fall is just around the corner and I got a taste of it the other day and I was so excited to break out into my new fall clothes which consisted of black leggings, oversized sweater from H&M, my poncho inspired coat from H&M and my brownish copperish booties that I am absolutely obsessed with right now. Not to mention that they are uber comfy to walk in all day. I cannot wait until the cooler days and for the inspiring colors of autumn. 

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